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Mortgage Brokers To Your Door

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

The choice of home loan products on the Australian market is mind boggling. Choosing the right loan is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make.

If you’re looking for an expert mortgage broker that will come to you, and find you the best loan or finance product, add to your mobile device’s contacts, now.

Mortgage broking experts to your home or place of business

Director of, Shaun Massie, is a fervent believer in the mutual benefits of building trusted relationships, face to face. At the same time, the team understand the value of, and demand for convenience. This is a mortgage broker determined to be easy to do business with.

“Face to face conversations are the way we do business. Building mutual trust and truly understanding a customer’s needs is best achieved through in-person interaction,” Shaun said. “At the same time, we need to ensure that doing business with us fits in with busy lifestyles. We bring our expertise straight to our customer’s door, wherever that may be.”

Meeting with a mortgage broker face to face, can also save hours of filling in onerous, online forms only to find that you end up having to speak with a broker or administrative processor anyway.

Tailoring a mortgage solution for you

If you’re buying your first home, moving to a better home, or purchasing an investment property – a mortgage broker will give you the solution you need.

All of brokers are licensed, professional and experienced industry experts. Your broker will come to you, to understand your needs and goals. Importantly, they will listen first.

“Our mortgage brokers respect that our customers are time poor. That’s why we bring our expertise to our customers preferred location. Our brokers are very adept at asking the right questions, at the right step in the information gathering process, in order to find the best loan or finance product for the person or family that is in front of them,” Shaun said.

From the wide range of loans available from different lenders, your broker will help narrow the choices to achieve your goals.

A broker can also help you secure other finance needs ― such as car loans and insurance products and business loans.

Here is what to expect from your broker.

Step one: getting to know you well

On visiting you, your broker will ask a series of questions to understand your circumstances, and identify your loan requirements.

“It is our customer’s goals that drive the solutions that our brokers will recommend,” Shaun says. “To tailor the right solution, we will listen intently as you answer our questions about your lifestyle, career and family aspirations. Getting to know the person we’re talking with well, will move us toward an optimum solution for them. Affordability is always a goal.”

Your broker will advise what type of documents you’ll need to make a loan application ― such as pay slips, tax returns and bank statements.

Once your broker has the full picture of where you are now and where you’d like to go, recommendations on finance and loan products will then be explored.

Step two: filtering hundreds of loan products to a shortlist

You and your mortgage broker will reach a point where you will agree that you’ve now got to the pointy end of the funnel. This is when your broker will be in a position to recommend a shortlist of loan products to meet your goals.

This is the point where the convenience of an expert mobile broker will save you time ― such as days of internet browsing, PDF downloads, research and phone calls that would, in the end, feel like comparing apples with bananas.

Your mortgage broker will take the information you’ve provided, and compare hundreds of loan solutions, products and financial providers to filter down to a palatable shortlist.

Years of experience means that they can explain each product’s details and features with you, in a way that is makes sense against your objectives. Your broker will highlight important specifics of the loan that will work best for you.

You can then make the decision on the product you’d like to select knowing that you have been well informed, and the research has been done for you.

Step three: taking the ‘aaargh’ out of the loan ‘aaargh-pplication’ process

Perhaps the second most frustrating and time consuming part of securing a mortgage is completing a loan application.

Once you’ve chosen your mortgage product, it is back over to your broker to help submit all the information required to kick off the loan process, and see it right through to approval.

Down the track, if you decide you want to switch home loans or refinance, your broker will come to your preferred location, and help you through the process.

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